The World is about to Change...

For the greater good of us all

Created to restore FAITH and tip the financial scales in favor of WE the People.

To summarize, this is an online membership that has over 10 benefits to becoming a member.

For starters, when you join for just $2 for your first month, you'll instantly have access to discounted rentals, products and services offered by fellow members and affiliated companies.

Also once you join, you can start to earn a substantial amount just for inviting others to join through your very own personal invitation link.

Earning a minimum of $50 per signup every month, makes it easy to build a second income that would help in those tough times.

"This is ultimately a game plan created to unite (We) The People with a set of benefits that will help us live our lives more purposefully and peacefully."

1. Earn Points for Sharing Properties

Do you have an extra vehicle you hardly use? How about a boat or trailer? The list is huge when it comes to items you can add to one of our affiliate catalogs and instantly begin to earn points from the moment you become a member.

2. Zero% Interest-No Credit Check Loans

Unforeseen events happen to us all…that’s a part of life. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a financial cushion in place when that moment arises? Imagine the peace of mind that you and your family will feel knowing there is helping hand.

3. Up to 100% Funeral Expense

In life, we are all caught off guard from time to time with tough situations to deal with, but nothing will ever compare to losing a loved one. Never knowing the hour, nor the day in most cases, a death in the family is almost always one of the worst surprises we all face. By joining today, you will begin to build a cushion account for you and your family that would help cover these expenses thus better allowing them to accommodate these difficult times.

4. Earn a monthly income for inviting others to join!

One of the many reasons the platform has been created is to help give our members the opportunity to gain Financial Stability, allowing you to be free to leave that dead-end job and explore the possibilities that await you! How, you ask?

5. Gain exposure for your product, service, or business

We all have something to share with the world around us and as a member of, we will help do that and more!

6. Access to LocalGreenThumbs

Can you taste it?! Fresh Tomatoes, Peaches, Bell Peppers, and more straight from fellow members who take pride in growing and sharing some of the best tasting fruits and vegetables around! As a member, not only will you be able to purchase freshly grown produce directly from fellow members at discounted prices, you’ll also be able offer to the network your very own fruits and vegetables grown from home.

7. Discounts of up to 75% off products, services, and properties

What if you were rewarded every time you went grocery shopping, bought supplies for the office or hired a contractor to do repairs for your home or auto?
Even if that number was just 1% of every dollar you spent, imagine the savings we would all have put away for rainy days!

8. Local Community Development

Together, making the World a Better Place for Us All… is more than just a platform designed to enable the individual to thrive independently and purposefully. It’s also Designed to Unite the Community of thinkers, with doers and the designers with constructors, who feel the call to do more for the Greater Good of Us All...

9. Up to 100% College Tuition Reimbursement

As the cost of tuition steadily rises, the amount of individuals seeking further education has continued to slowly decline. This is without a doubt a serious problem that affects us all and it’s that reason that we, chose to do something about it!

10. Access to the catalog

The FtP-BtP Catalog of members and affiliates is designed to benefit our members by providing a diverse listing of places to visit, things to do and products/services to use: A truck to haul a trailer for the weekend, a boat to take the family out for a cruise, a cabin in the woods for a well-deserved get-a-way… As an member, you will experience abundant living at a fraction of the cost.

For the People-By the People's Ultimate Vision

The Ultimate Vision for each of our members, including you, is to enable you to live out your life to the fullest potential possible, first, by helping you to increase funds in your bank account and lower high cost to rent or pay for services and products we all need and benefit from.

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