FTP-BTP.com's Affiliate Program​​

One of the many reasons the FtP-BtP.com platform has been created is to help give our members the opportunity to gain Financial Stability, allowing you to be free to leave that dead-end job and explore the possibilities that await you!

Build an income that will last you a Lifetime!

By rewarding you with a Monthly Commission for every friend or family member who joins!

The success of our grand vision for us all relies on the basis of continuously growing this worldwide network.

We see this as an opportunity for us to say Thank You for helping us share the vision as well as a way to help our members earn an additional monthly income that could last a lifetime and for generations thereafter!

From as little as just (10) people joining through your personal invitation link, you will quickly begin to build a substantial amount of income enabling you and your family to get one step closer to living out your dreams and seeking out your true, God given purpose in life.

When you join, you will create your very own personal username that will also be used as your personal invitation link that you may share with others any way you prefer, whether it be social media or face to face.

Here is an example of how your invitation link will look…

Let’s say the individuals name is Matt. Matt signs up and creates the username:


Matt’s personal invitation link will be


As soon as his account is created, he will be able to share his personal link with friends and family and begin to earn a minimum of $50 dollars in commissions every month for each person who joins, for the lifetime of each membership.

Since we offer a total of 5 Steps of benefits, each offering more discounts and rewards for the members, we decided to also add an additional commission for every person that is invited who chooses to take the next step.

In order to receive the full commission from each of your referrals, you must advance to the next membership step before your referral does.

If you do not advance before, you will not receive the additional commission offered for your referrals until you have advanced.

You will, however, receive a credit for any of your referrals that advance before you.

Our way of trying to keep everyone in motion towards the next step is to allow the referrals that advance before you, to at least count as credits!

These credits may only be used to advance to/purchase the next Membership Step. If the next Membership Step is purchased with credits, you will not receive any commissions for the advanced step until your following pay period.

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