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As the cost of tuition steadily rises, the amount of individuals seeking further education has continued to slowly decline. This has contributed to a high demand for professionals such as nurses, teachers, and doctors positions that remain unfilled due to the difficulties so many are dealing with. Keeping up with both the cost of living in addition to school loans has proven to be a test that so many choose not to take in order to receive a higher education. This is without a doubt a serious problem that affects us all and it’s that reason that we, chose to do something about it!

We created this platform to help see to it that those who are truly meant to play a particular role in life, such as a doctor, nurse or educator, are given the opportunity on a far less bumpy path to attain degrees and certifications that enable them to do so.

How does the benefit work?

Upon joining, you will begin to accumulate a savings drawn from a portion of the membership fee that each of your referrals pays every month. This portion is labeled as the Financial Solutions FtP Account. For each membership step available, a member may qualify to receive a percentage of the amount due after the degree or certificate has been received and grade point average has been verified.

How do I qualify for tuition reimbursement?

In order to qualify, all a member is required to do, is remain a member for a minimum of 6 months, with a minimum of 3 referrals that have each been members for at least 3 months as well as maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA average.

What types of degrees or certificates are covered?

This benefit is designated exclusively to the following areas of study:

  1. Medical
  2. Education
  3. Counselor
  4. Trade Schools (i.e. Electrician, HVAC, Masonry, etc.)

How much of my tuition will I be reimbursed?

Step 1 members-up to 10%

Step 2 members-up to 20%

Step 3 members-up to 35%

Step 4 members-up to 50%

Step 5 members-up to 100%

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