For the Community-By the Community

Together, making the World a Better Place for Us All… is more than just a platform designed to enable the individual to thrive independently and purposefully. It’s also Designed to Unite the Community of thinkers, with doers and the designers with constructors, who feel the call to do more for the Greater Good of Us All.

In the grand picture, imagine a world where entire communities work closer together to create a better tomorrow for generations to come… self-sustained communities that offer support to our elderly and opportunity to our youth.

In this day in age, we’re fortunate to live in a time where communication is instant, and resources are plentiful. These two advances in life have opened the doors for so many possibilities to take place and we here at see this as a prime time to make the things happen with the tools Our Creator, gave us to work with.


What is our game plan?

Step 1. Create a System that generates income for individual communities to create foundations of their own to fund projects voted on by members of the community.

Step 2. Create a list of needed projects to build in each community that would help the city become Self Sustained in matters of energy and food supply as well as abundant in activities and resources for local community members to enjoy. √

Step 3. Create a Platform for members of the community that would enable them to vote on and arrange the process of creation of the projects.

As a member, you will be invited to take advantage of your right to vote on the steps your community takes to becoming a place you and your family would be proud to call home.

This virtual round table will consist of members in your community that also wants to see to it that the city flourishes to its highest capability.

The following chart shows the dollar amount per month that will be put away towards the local FtC-BtC Foundation based on the amount of members and what step the members are on. 

For more details visit


Together, making the world a greater place, one community at a time.

Join today and begin to transform your city into your own piece of Heaven on Earth.
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