Share properties and Earn points

Do you have an extra vehicle you hardly use? How about a boat or trailer?

The list is huge when it comes to items you can add to one of our affiliate catalogs and instantly begin to earn points from the moment you become a member.

Begin to Earn Points for adding items such as vehicles, boats and other watercraft, R.V. campers and trailers, to condos, houses and so much more…

Regardless if it is Rented or Not.

That’s right…regardless if it’s rented or not!

This is our way of saying Thank You for offering what you have to our community of members world-wide.

Description of Earnings for Properties to be shared

As a member, you have the privilege to earn simply for listing approved properties for rent to your fellow members.

Every month, a portion of everyone’s membership fee is reserved to reward members who have added a personal property to be rented out to fellow members.

The amount your personal referrals have contributed towards your Reward Points Account will be the amount that you will receive your percentage of, based on the Membership Step you hold, as well as the value of the property you have added to the catalog.

Upon acceptance of property, an agent will inform you of the appraised value of your property.

Once you have the appraisal value of your property, you can scan the chart and find the percentage you earn based on the Membership Step you are on. 

Minimum Requirements for Property Qualification

1. Sole Owner

Must have title or be sole name on purchasing contract; property not reflecting name of renter or additional name cannot be submitted.

2. Inspection

Property must be inspected by an FtP agent upon submission; must be made readily available for inspection upon request to ensure property is suitable for rental.

3. Exclusivity to FtP Members

Property must be made available to FtP members above all other rental sites. Members are allowed no more than (2) denials of rental to fellow members before removal of property listed on catalog. In the event that a property is rented to a third party, a non-ftp member, the property will be flagged and the renter will receive a warning for not making property available. A second denial of property rental to an ftp member will result in the removal of listed property and loss of earned points for the earning period. A member may re-list their property upon the beginning of a new cycle. Should a member/renter result in 3 violations of this rental property clause, they will not be allowed to re-list their property indefinitely.

In the event that the property is unavailable for more than 50% of the month due to maintenance, repairs or reservations to non-members, the member must remove the property from the catalog or risk termination of membership.

4. Regulation of Rental Fees

Rental fees must not exceed the average cost of similar properties made available to rent in residing district area.

5. Membership Discount Agreement

Member MUST honor the discounts to members requesting to rent your properties. Discounts offered will depend on the step the renting member has advanced to not exceeding the step you have advanced to. (Lesser step of the two members conducting the transaction.)

The following is an example of one of our members John, who has advanced to step 2 and wants to rent your truck. You are a step 3 member, therefore must offer John the posted discount for step 2 members.

In another example, our member Jerry is a step 4 member and wants to rent your home for the weekend. You are a step 3 member, therefore must offer Jerry the posted discount for step 3 members.

6. State Law Requirements

Property must pass all state requirements including state inspection and proof of insurance on property to be rented.

Ways to redeem your earned points

  1. Use the points to pay for services/products offered by fellow members.
  2. Use the points to purchase vacation packages and other specials offered by
  3. You may use the points to pay back a loan you currently received from Financial Solutions FtP.


Members may redeem their earnings every 3 months, starting from date of signup, by submitting a request to customer support informing on how they would like to redeem their earnings.

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