Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement

To the Point…

This membership is a privilege and just as any privilege, it can be removed permanently if any of the rules, terms or conditions are violated. In the event that your membership is revoked, FtP-BtP.com will discontinue all payments the member was receiving from commissions/rentals/etc. and account will be erased from the system. Any commissions paid after a member is terminated will become property of  FtP-BtP indefinitely.

The Pillars of this Platform

  1. Trust
  • A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
  • The state of being responsible for someone or something.

Trust is easily one of the keys to a flowing and growing system. We stand behind this statement so much so, that a single violation of that Trust can and will have a membership revoked!

  1. Honesty
  • Free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.
  • Morally correct or virtuous.

Going along hand in hand with Trust, Honesty is undoubtedly just as important and if violated, can and will result in a revoke of membership.


  1. Love and Acceptance of All

FtP-BtP.com was created to connect the body from all parts of the world and expects its members to show Respect, Kindness and Love for all without restriction or condition. Violation of this may/can also result in a revoke of membership.


Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement

In the event that a member violates the agreement in any of the following, membership services will be terminated indefinitely:

  1. All personal information given upon sign up must be true. This includes information on properties or vendor services and products.
  1. All members are to disclose a criminal record if currently serving time on probation or parole. A violation of probation or parole after obtaining membership will result in a revoke of membership.
  1. All members are fully responsible for providing the upmost quality service, satisfying the customer 100%
  1. All members must honor the posted percentage discount on services, products and property rentals based off the lesser step held between the 2 parties.
  1. The selling of contraband, weapons, obscene materials and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
  1. Members who are convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction after signup date will result in a revoke of membership indefinitely.
  1. Members are allowed a MAXIMUM commission earning of $10,000 per month from member referrals. Any/all earnings that surpass the 10k/month amount will go into your local FtC-BtC Foundation Account.

In the even that a membership is terminated;

  • Any/all properties added to the FtP-BtP.com affiliate Catalog will be removed and any/all points earned that have not been redeemed will be forfeited
  • All commissions will be paid up until the final day of membership and all recurring commissions will be forfeited to the company.
  • Renewal of membership will be denied indefinitely.

I __________________________(Print), have read the Rules, Terms and Conditions and agree to uphold, understanding fully that a single violation can and will result in a revoke of my Membership with FtP-Btp.com

I _____________________________(Print), also understand that if my membership is violated, all upcoming earning will be retained by FtP-BtP.com and used at their discrection.





Download The Terms Agreement Paper

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