For the People-By the People

Question - What is

Answer- It’s a Virtual Platform specially designed to
connect good, honest people with a set of benefits
meant to empower each equally to living life to their
fullest potential.

This is for those who have been waiting for something to come along in life to help change things up for the better. This is for those who have been waiting to play their role in helping to create a greater tomorrow. For those who want to do something for the world around them, with the intent to do so at the best of their ability every time, for everyone, equally…
This is for those of us who don’t mind lending a helping hand when others are in need, nor too proud to ask for one when tough times hit home… This is about bringing people together for a purpose, helping each of our members with exactly what they need, right when they need it, from people they know they can trust. This is about building an organization that models transparency and honesty in all trades and dealings. An organization created to help empower each of us to become our greatest version possible. Most importantly, above all else, this is about the people coming together to transform this world into our own piece of heaven on earth. Matt 6:10 This is

Our Promise to You

As children, we all had our moments of imagining what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Some of us said doctors others lawyers, some teachers and police officers others mechanics and chefs, and even those far and few astronauts amongst us, we all had our dreams.

Unfortunately, in this day in age, so many of us have steered off course due to the structure of pay and cost of living forcing so many to choose a path based on the mighty dollar rather than to serve the higher calling that is within each of us.

Choosing a path now based on the yearly wage it will earn us VS chasing the root of our being has been the cause for so many vital roles not being played by the right player, and  shortages in the right people in positions we need them most.

Welcome to Our Creator’s game plan to change it for the greater good of us all.


An organization created to help you reach your fullest potential.

When you join, you instantly become a part of a network that wants to see you succeed in whatever venture you choose to take.  Not only because it feels good to see people succeed, but because your success is OUR success as People!

As a member of our family, we will equip you with opportunities to strengthen your financial status with the intent to propel you into motion towards that inner calling that has always been there. comes loaded with a vast range of benefits and discounts all based on the step the member has qualified for, and opted to join. Upon joining, Members can begin to earn an additional income every month for inviting others to join as well as Zero% Interest Loans and Earned Points for offering to rent your personal properties to fellow members.

In the future, as more people join, and the platform expands, new benefits, steps, and features will be added to the membership for all its members to gain from, all with the intent to enable each of our members to progress in life closer to our own state of heaven on earth.

Currently upon joining:
  1. Members will automatically earn a substantial monthly commission for inviting friends and family to join!
  2. Members will have full access to Purchase or Rent Services, Products, or Properties at discounted prices!
  3. Members will begin to accumulate a savings affording you ZERO% Interest Loans for tough times that come directly from the members you personally invite to join.
  4. Members will have a savings account setup specifically for their own community’s FtC-BtC Foundation, designated for community development projects such as but not limited to:
  • A local Aquaponics Garden that would provide the local community with the freshest produce available (Free to Members)
  • Recreational Center for the children of the community
  • Rehabilitation Wellness Center (Free to Members)
  • And so much more
  1. Members will be connected to the network of local gardeners, enabling the member to buy, sell, or trade fruits and vegetables with other members.    
  2. Members will begin to build a savings created for personal business development as well as gain the knowledge needed to successfully start and sustain that business.
  3. Members will be given opportunity to gain full reimbursement of College Tuition
  4. Members will begin to build a savings designated for Funeral Expenses for you or a loved one.
  5. Members will receive instant worldwide exposure for their products to sell, services to offer or properties to rent.
  6. Members will receive reward points for a number of reasons such as but not limited to:
  • Services completed successfully for a fellow member
  • Multiple rentals from fellow members without incident
  • Adding personal properties to rent such as Vehicles, Houses, RV Campers and Off Road Equipment and more. wants to see you blossom into your greatest version…

all you have to do is take the first step.

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